The Internet Is NOT A UTILITY

And if you think it is, you're an idiot.

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To The Heart Of Things

Line of the day courtesy of Reason's Brian Doherty:

"It's a typical Colbert punchdown against anyone of a perceived lower social status than their audience who dares have opinions outside their pat-themselves-on-the-back herd."

Epic and so true.

Colbert and Stewart are so yesterday's humor.

Canadian Libertarianism; There's A Pulse

I take small issue with Mr. Masse's assertion Canada is free. There's more to it than just economics.

You know, 'boring' like freedom of speech and expression (which Quebec tramples on), right of private property, the right to keep and bear arms etc. Stuff the state really has no business

I'll take that seriously when Quebec knocks it off with its language laws, the CRTC loses some bite, monopolies in communication and electricity sectors are smashed, health care offers more private options, HRC is abolished. And these are just off the top of my head.

Free is a relative term.

Until then, we're freeish.

Sans Politesse

Quebec is one of those places that loves to put on its environmental Gaia hat enamored with green initiatives. For example, by encouraging people take their bikes on bicycle paths. Bike paths filled with, just saying,  hipster lumbersexuals and metrosexuals. It's a freak show. Not to mention idiot cyclists who don't keep right posing a danger to themselves as well as others while others weave in and out of lanes at high speeds as if they're on the UCI pro-tour. The shit I see on bike paths is astounding.

As I've railed and ranted about in the past, we remain an impolite civil society. Maybe I'm a tight wad but to me it seems like a contradiction this wanting to be Scandinavian green and Quebecois red (as in impatient).
Where am I going with this?

Every morning I walk my kid to school and as we approach we have to cross a street to get to that marvel of public education. At the cross walk there's a school brigadier stopping traffic to make sure drivers don't go through - because stop signs are not enough here. Yet, on back to back days I've seen people ignore the brigadier.

It's outrageous as it is surreal.

One was a mother who sailed right through having just bunny-hopped the stop sign. The other was, and this is a new habit I'm noticing among drivers, a man inching slowly coasting and sailing through the stop as he approaches the pedestrians. So what you get, to paint a picture in your mind, is a car bumper practically up your ass.

These assholes don't seem to understand the concept of COMPLETE STOP AT A SCHOOL CROSSWALK. 

It's amazing really.

Quebec can try and be all green it wants, but if its civil politesse remains impatient and immature, it's all an illusion if you ask me.


Yesterday on my way to school I observed my neighbor's garbage bin had a loose diaper on top of it. It must have been on the street and someone - perhaps performing a civic duty - placed it there. Or maybe it was my neighbour which wouldn't surprise me given his aloof and bizarre concept of what constitutes maintaining a neat home and yard. I say it may have been a passer by since my neighbor's kids (which one of them constantly cuts across my front yard to get home) are in their mid-teens and probably don't use diapers anymore.

Just a guess on my part.

Either way who fucken cares, all I know is there was a diaper on the bin.

Fast forward (FF as we say in the industry) to this morning. The bin is gone but the diaper remains on the ground laying there betwixt his driveway and the street on the sidewalk.

I thought to myself the guy can't even be bothered to pick up a lousy diaper. He probably thinks it's the city's problem.


Civic responsibility? What's that?

Meanwhile, me, my neighbor to my left, front and diagonal right are constantly and vigilantly keeping watch in front of our properties. No one tops the guy diagonal to my house. I've never quite saw a man so dedicated to his home. He sweeps street in front of his house.


Curious to see what happens to the diaper.


Casualty And Correlation Don't Mix

Fall Of The West Reason 95848333

'Normal Barbie'.

I know standards are low these days but sheesh.

Not a fan of pop tattoos. Don't get the appeal. Never have.

People part of unique or exclusive organizations I get. Special Forces, Olympians, whatever. I even get those people on TV inking people. Pretty artistic and it's a career for them. Mid-life crisis Harry or Harriette looking to express themselves with tramp stamps or those expressing some philosophical nonsense in a foreign language, not so much.

With the trendy tattoo craze raging among this generation, it might not be a bad idea to invest in a tattoo removal business because I'm sure there will be a sizable market regretting their decision in buyer's remorse.

Know Your Internet Memes

Immigration Theatrics

Obama is just looking to stir political trouble at this point. The American people just gave the Senate to the GOP but that won't stop him from outrageously act on executive order.

Apparently, he isn't even talking to immigration activists!

The guy's tactic seems to be hinged on provoking the GOP.

Food Gibberish

More anti-science food nonsense.

"The Environmental Working Group – famous for its list of produce most likely to be contaminated with pesticides – has now released a “Dirty Dozen” guide for food additives.

There are more than 10,000 additives in food distributed in the U.S., and EWG is trying to highlight “some of the worst failures of the regulatory system,” it says.
The list includes:
  1. Nitrates and nitrites
  2. Potassium bromate
  3. Propyl paraben
  4. Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)
  5. Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)
  6. Propyl gallate
  7. Theobromine
  8. Secret flavor incredients
  9. Artificial colors
  10. Diacetyl
  11. Phosphates
  12. Aluminum additives
The report goes into detail about the concerns surrounding each additive. Some of them are known or possible carcinogens and some can have reproductive and developmental effects."



Fucking dumb.

Which means some ignorant, busy body politician is gonna run with this.

To think they insult such a fine movie.

Obamacare Has Been Grubered

God these people are insufferable, lying, shysters.

WTF? Moments

Our STM bus drivers are on strike but that didn't stop one, equipped with ear phones, from eating while driving.


Canadian Health Care Compassion

Owing a hospital $1 million your insurance won't cover is a really tough spot to be in.

Talk about taking the term 'million dollar' baby literally!

“We were told we were covered. We paid our premium. We obviously still feel that Blue Cross should cover the bill,” she said, adding her family is now facing bankruptcy.

“It’s a very sad position to be in. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.”

The total bill of $950,000 included more than $160,000 for Huculak’s hospital stay and $40,000 for a medical evacuation, she said. The rest of the cost went to care for Huculak’s daughter.
So far, she said Saskatchewan Health has paid for $20,000 of the bill and the U.S. picked up the cost of Reece’s delivery, at $12,000. That leaves $918,000, she said.

Blue Cross denied her claim, citing a pre-existing condition.

“I had a bladder infection and I hemorrhaged a bit at four months,” she said. “My doctor saw no reason for me not to go.

“We had no questionnaire (from Blue Cross).”
She said her doctor sent a letter to Blue Cross confirming that Huculak’s pregnancy was stable when she went on vacation, but the claim was still denied.

“As of March, Blue Cross pretty much washed their hands of the whole case,” she said. “We’ve just kind of been sitting ducks not knowing what to do.”

Of course, Canadians being totally irrational and ill-informed about U.S. health care, go off on the 'see how bad U.S. for profit private insurance?' is in the comments.

Right. Until...this story comes along:

"They were about to return to Australia after their B.C. vacation when Ms. Evans went into premature labour at the airport.

Piper Kan stayed in the neo-natal ward of the B.C. Women’s Hospital and Health Centre for three months and the bill ended up being about $1-million.

Australian media reports the couple negotiated a payment plan with the hospital at about $300 a month, which would take 278 years to pay off.

Ms. Evans tells the Herald Sun newspaper they don’t begrudge the bill because they have a healthy daughter.

“Financially, it’s not so good but you can’t put a price on it,” she told the newspaper."

Notice it's a story from 2012 with exactly 0 comments.


Alberta Ho!

Knife Violence On The Rise In Britain

Ban knives. Naturally.

I think I'll start a 'I told you so' segment. 

Knife-control was a quasi-joke among the sane.

No longer.

Oh, come on T.C.! As usual you 'zzagerate!

I do, eh?

"A team from West Middlesex University Hospital said violent crime is on the increase - and kitchen knives are used in as many as half of all stabbings.

They argued many assaults are committed impulsively, prompted by alcohol and drugs, and a kitchen knife often makes an all too available weapon."
As Gruber in the USA is showing keep academics out of forming policy. They'll justify anything and are unaccountable. 

Not A Beacon

On mulling over 'sexist' video games labeling from The Local:

"I do not know of any other project in the world asking this question and of course we want Sweden to be a beacon in this area".

Fuck off already.

Sweden, I reckon, has too much time on its hands.

Ironic given Scandinavia is kinda all rapey. Norway, Iceland and Denmark are among the world leaders in rapes per capita (all including Canada lead the USA who didn't even make the list. Canada is second among the G7 behind Germany).

Sweden didn't make the list either but it's okay. Here's the BBC explaining those beaconers of civilization.

Too fucken lazy to read?


"The Swedish police recorded the highest number of offences - about 63 per 100,000 inhabitants - of any force in Europe, in 2010. The second-highest in the world.

This was three times higher than the number of cases in the same year in Sweden's next-door neighbour, Norway, and twice the rate in the United States and the UK. It was more than 30 times the number in India, which recorded about two offences per 100,000 people."

As I understand it, most are from the Muslim immigrant population. The more PC and multicultural Sweden wants to be, the more their women get fucked it seems.

But let's copy them. But that won't stop moronic, ignorant idiots like (and I presume she's a feminist) Lena Dunham (the voice of a female generation!) chiming in with Tweets like:

"Healthcare is a right not a privilege.Let's do like Scandinavia and give it to everyone.Til then,open enrollment at http://healthcare.gov!"

These people can't even be bothered to READ.

Think she knows the difference between positive and negative rights?

I digress.

I'm also pretty sure, strong educated guess on my part, racism is worse than anything in North America. 

But you know. More civilized.

I'm starting to get the feeling Scandinavia is just a place that puts cologne over bad odors.

Pat Condell:

Sad indeed. A truly unique nation with a fine history.

And they're pissing it all away.


Fall Of The West Reason 4574663334

Conspiracy Theories From The Middle East

A Daniel Pipes classic. 'Dealing with Middle Eastern conspiracy theories."

Or as one Lebanese acquaintance told me, 'They believe in 1001 tales for one thing."

Different Rights

Positive versus negative rights explained.

Understand the difference.


Via Alpha Game:

Funny stuff.

Pictures In Time

Scumbags Gonna Scumbag

Limits On Free Speech

I discovered Marc Randazza years ago and took an immediate liking to his creative, no-nonsense approach to law. He's like the Franklin & Bash of law on the internet.

I was waiting to do a write up about limits to free speech to counter the impression I'm for all speech.

Well, sorta. You're getting the picture why I waited. It's still a little messed up in the head to jot down coherently on paper.

Randazza to the rescue. This example shows exactly how I think about the matter.

If you're going to be a dick, stand by your words and don't hide behind censorship or the 1st amendment. Own your words. More importantly, don't try and legally threaten people using this dick tactic.

Neil Young's Futile Starbucks Threat

"I used to line up and get my latte everyday, but yesterday was my last one," rocker announces

 Oh, get off your self-righteous high-horse already.

God, celebrities can be so banal and nauseating. These are businesses that employ thousands of people. Not that he's thought about that because GMO. The workers who earn a living at Starbucks mean shit to him.

GMO labelling is stupid.

Enjoy you futile exercise in frivolous boycotting, Neil. I'll be having my espresso tomorrow.

D.C. Crime Inc.

Asset forfeiture in Washington D.C.

Bunch of criminals hiding behind the law.


Are You Ready For A Rape Chart?

That's from the FBI. Rape has been on the decline. And this coupled with the fact victims are more likely to step forward than in the past as rape is not treated as lightly anymore.

As usual, progressive policies, perceptions and anger run contrary to statistic mostly because they "can just feel" something is wrong.
They insist on being crisis manufacturers. Murders have been on the decline for decades in the USA but that doesn't stop them from pushing for 'common sense' gun control.

Stated another way. They lie.