Defending Dictators

I attack - yes attack - the left quite a bit for their legacy of supporting and being sympathetic to dictators and murderous ideologies. The assault on my part, I feel, is justified. History is history and the left can't whitewash this fact. The list of elites, intellectuals, politicians artists and celebrities supporting and gushing over the likes of Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Castro is quite impressive.

That being said, libertarians and conservatives are not without their own skeletons when it comes to acting as apologists for dictators. Nowhere near as offensive as what we see with progressives and liberals but worth noting particularly when it comes to Pinocchet.

And so it was with Hayek. Someone held in high regard in libertarian and classical liberal circles.


Job Opening

Media Going Into Trudeau Over Drive

And it will work.

From comments:

"Gradually returning the Federal Rate of Corporate Taxation to 1960 levels(41%) is worth the effort to return Canada to an egalitarian society your father believed in. Someone, maybe you?, has the courage to return strong controls over Capitalism, as Canada once had. "

My headache has just graduated to a migraine.

Yes because the fucking 21st century economy is exactly like the fucking 1960s. Yes, because capitalism is rampant. Out of control. In Canada. Riiiight.

For the love of God. Left-wingers really do live in a concrete, cemented zero-sum world.

He and Obama should get together and write about empty suits.


America Is In Good Hands

The President never misses a chance to reward unqualified hacks.  Ron Klain's job as Ebola Czar (I thought the CDC was supposed to take care of this) will consist of doing jack shit while doing his best Chip Diller impression of 'all is well'. Did I mention Klain has ZERO qualifications for the job?

Which brings up this quote:

"President Obama said he hugged and kissed some of the nurses in Atlanta who had treated the patients with Ebola. Man, Obama will do anything to get out of that job right now."

- Conan O'Brien, October 16, 2014

As an aside, Lord, I do I hate the term 'Czar'.


Speaking of hacks and goofballs, Biden's son gets a dishonorable discharge from the Navy for drugs.

Ironic given his father is one of the most notorious faces of legislating draconian drug laws as part of the war on drugs that has destroyed the lives of countless people and done precious little to help, well, anyone let alone communities.


Fall Of The West Reason 39494959966666: Too Much Time On Their Hands Justifying Jobs

Judge in Lenoir City, Tennessee puts woman in prison for...

Not cutting her grass that leads to a messy yard.

Fine. I'm gonna go out and say it.

These people are evil.

My neighbor doesn't keep his yard need at all. It's annoying but I certainly don't feel it's a crime that deserves a fine let alone prison time. The municipal town where I own my business are also pains in the asses mostly because it's a tiny place and they have three or four civil servants driving around in Smart cars maintaining 'order'. If you ask me, the city could save on getting their salaries altogether since most of what they do is utter bull shit that actually graduates into accosting reasonable citizens with threats of fines.

But that's me. I know. I'm in the minority.

We've lost our minds. From taking offense too easily to jokes (the perpetually aggrieved and sour will always stretch the laws of logic to control and even destroy satire and humor), to over reacting to social issues of the day (global warming, rape on campus, ebola etc.) to whatever else you care to insert.

For the children.



The media makes bad cops do bad things.

Problem is....TECHNOLOGY is the great equalizer.

Which is why soon enough apologists could potentially start angling to get it banned. Can't film cops, no cameras on dashboards etc..


Fusion Energy Breakthrough Announced

Hilary Charges $2500 Per Minute

Must be the most wondrously precious words in the world.

"Hello, I'm Hilary Clinton and I'm here to tell you the evils of debt and that you deserve...what's that? I said $2500 not $25 you fucking idiot! Who bathes you in the morning? Do you even bathe because judging by your scent you don't and another thing..."

/Moderator takes away mic.

Moderator: "Thanks for coming! It's all we can afford"!

Remember. This is the woman who claimed she knows what it's like to live 'poor'.

"'I think our young people deserve a fair shot,' she told about 900 people gathered at the swanky Bellagio resort for the annual UNLV Foundation dinner.

The 1-1/2-hour commitment netted Mrs. Clinton a cool $2,500 per minute.

UNLV student Jordan Mason told MailOnline in June that a nearly quarter-million-dollar payday for Clinton should have been out of the question.

'$225,000? That's obscene!' Mason said. 'And the money is all fungible, right? Even if some CEO is writing the check, that's money that the person probably would have given to the university in some other way.'

'I like Hillary,' the student added, 'but if she's not willing to support us without all that money changing hands, maybe they should book someone else who won't add to the reasons we're paying more for school.'"

Students are such suckers. They can't even connect the dots.

Quote Of The Day

From The New York Post:

What’s changed is the public’s perception of us, created by the reckless reporting by nearly every news outlet very early after the shooting of Michael Brown.


Nah. It can't be because heavily armed, trigger happy cops engage in no-knock raids sometimes killing innocent people in some cases attacking the wrong house, or choke hold people to death, or issuing random bull shit jaywalking tickets while beating up old Chinese men, or shooting down family pet dogs or the mentally-challenged. And when they're not shooting at people they gang up and beat down the homeless sometimes resulting in death or stealing from the deceased.

And that's just what's being reported.

Nah. It's gotta be the media.

Don't the police own mirrors?

Sham Marriage Fraud In Oregon

Where there's her first problem. Mrs. Hayes spells Sylvia as Cylvia.

One letter is all it takes sometimes.

When all else fails, furthermore, use the 'I'm sorry I was caught so I will cry' appeal to emotions defense.

Did I mention she's a Democrat?

In any event, some people would consider most marriages a sham so what she did was technically not a sham-sham marriage.


Wednesday Funnies: Animal Activists Storm Restaurant


Central Planning Erosion

Immigration or centralization caused the collapse of Rome asked The Brussels Journal back in 2009.

I didn't realize these were the principle two reasons for its fall - indeed, I thought it was a debate for the ages what caused the fall of the mighty Roman Empire - but if I had to choose I'll go with centralization.

In fact, we're seeing how centralization ravages civilizations right before our very eyes.

We're drunk on government centralization. So much so I don't even think we can extricate ourselves from its grips. It's way too addictive.

Thought Of The Day

Mark Zuckerberg loves giving away so much money to bureaucratic agencies he should nationalize himself.


When will the United States help the Kurds?

It's truly a remarkable mystery that the ONE pro-American, secular people in the Mid-East who are begging for U.S. help are not getting it.

Just mind-boggling.

NDP Proposes Nationalized Daycare; Bad, BAD Idea

I know this typical of the left-wing NDP but, man oh man, this is a bad idea. It's almost as if they're blind to the corruption and fraud that has infested Quebec's subsidized daycare program. And believe you me, everyone in the know is aware of the racket that is subsidized daycare.

So in comes this bozos and want to increase the potential for fraud at the national level.

But not all is crazy in NDP-land. They want to charge $15 a day. Which is way better than the insanity of $7 in Quebec (where increasing it to a negligible $9 is seen as ravaging the middle class with 'austere' measures - I don't make this shit up; it's how they think). 

Yay! People cheer.

Only problem is it will cost waaaayyyyyy more than that to run and operate and with it will come all the usual union and bureaucratic bull shit that festers in such programs.

Jesus. Just let society run that part of the show. Why must the government get involved in all facets of our lives?

Yeah but T.C. it costs $50 a day to go to daycare! $15 would be so much better!

If you think this way you deserve a helmet to go through life in.

The government will TAX you for the difference or if you prefer the deficit they will incur. And remember, while you have two weeks vacation in the private sector, be prepared for daycare workers to go on strike to get six weeks paid vacation ON YOU DIME.

$15 in Federal/Provincial speak will cost you more than $50.

Now. This is where T.C. places you on his lap or knee and explains to you finance. Would you, an ADULT, presumably filled with pride and dignity; accountability and responsibility, want the money in his or her pocket to manage like an independent individual or do you want to hand your money over to Ms. Pencil Pushing Bureaucrat who could care less about your pockets?

Never mind about the silliness of ravaging your pockets. Nationalized daycare will destroy private daycare whom thousands of people earn their livelihoods.

Yes. This is so moral to do.

I still can't believe in this day and age of high corruption and waste and with all that we know about the state of the welfare apparatus and lack of funds to support it we still look to the government to run our daily lives.

No wonder the West is falling.


American police. Thugs with badges?

Sure seems likes it.

They have little professional ethic these days. And it ain't much better up here listening to them talk.