Palestinians Lash Out At Hamas

It's about time Palestinians lash out at Hamas.

And no the following is not an acceptable position to take:

Yes, Hamas uses innocents as human shields, but Israel blocks the job market!

Hamas is evil ON ITS OWN.

Glad to see the people starting to understand this. Better to hitch your ride with Israel than those murderous manipulators.

Schools and shelters my ass. They build those to put human shields in them.

Quote Of The Day

Vandana Shiva:

“Scientific missions colluded with religious missions to deny rights to nature. The rise of mechanical philosophy with the emergence of the scientific revolution was based on the destruction of concepts of a self-regenerative, self-organising nature which sustained all life. Just as technology changes seed from a living, renewable resource into mere raw material, it devalues women in a similar way.”



Problem is. Stay at home mom's looking for a sense of purpose tend to believe this nuttiness. She's a nice mix of Western derp and Indian kookiness. 

Vandana truly is a nasty piece of work. She'd rather have poor people starve than have them eat bio-engineered food. Fucking quack.

Technology isn't good unless it's accepted by Gaia.

"The only technology that matters is the technology in my soul!" T.C.


Mid-East Tensions Higher Than Normal

And the Americans aren't helping.

The Israeli's see John Kerry as a "dangerous imbecile."

Don't blame them. They probably think the same of his boss.

Hamas are a bunch of death cultists and it's about time Israel takes care of business. With or without the Americans.


Jonas at The National Post nails it - as usual:

"Two wrongs don’t make a right, but trying to stop an ongoing attack isn’t a wrong. It’s an individual’s right and a government’s duty. The law of self-defence kicks in at the point of the latest threat: It entitles even criminals to stop attacks on themselves. To equate the violence required to stop Hamas with the violence of Hamas’ initial assault is moral illiteracy — or would be, if it didn’t manifest itself so often among morally hyperactive groups and individuals."

That's my position. For all of history, nations were allowed to defend themselves. Yet, Israel is suddenly held to a different standard? Not only that, they must take the attacks and take the high road and consider "proportional" retaliation?

It's asinine.

How about this:

For you enablers and apologists for Hamas - a terrorist organization funded by Iran - how about the Palestinians and Arabs (who allegedly - cough - care for their plight) attempt to match the success of Israel? Hm?

Sure, they're not perfect but seems to me if they s have a shred of dignity and decency as well a sense of enterprise, they'd, you know, exert energy into creating a viable entity. Instead, they're too busy busting balls lobbing rockets aimlessly into Israel and incoherently looking to throw 'Jews into the sea.' Their impractical attitude have consistently squeezed them out of major concessions from Israel that could have been positive for Palestine.

That's what a society with any real balls would do.  

Need a visual? Here.

And I'm supposed to take them seriously?



At the moment they're destructive and not constructive while Israel continues to putter along in a sea of madness. Seems to me if they would just shift their thinking a tad their lives would be so much better. Israel's number one fear and concern is security. Keep threatening it and they will not relent.

Like any nation would.

I can't stress this enough.

In any event, the mere fact progressives (remember when that wench Marois marched along with Palestinian protestors?) side with Palestine should be enough for any person of sound mine to do the opposite. 

I'm so sick of this shit.

Do You Have The War On Drugs Up Your Ass?


In Soviet Russia, Communism Nourishes Water

Babbling Paternalist Incoherence


Not sure what Eleanor Norton is going on about here. That's the difference between Parliamentary and separation of powers government ergo the people don't have the right to know what goes on with their government?

Know the problem, right? In addition to abject ignorance and arrogance, elected officials seem to think they own the government and the people. 

From The Washington Examiner:

"It was, to put mildly, a significant departure from the more traditional liberal stance that openness and transparency are must to prevent abuses of power by government officials. Instead the leading advocate for statehood for the District of Columbia literally argued that even the congressional committee charged with oversight shouldn't be asking questions in the first place. "

The More You Know

"Democrat Charlie Crist flew to an environmental press event Thursday on the private jet of a developer fined for pollution."

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2014/07/charlie-crist-flies-to-enviro-press-conference-on-jet-of-developer-fined-for-pollution.html#storylink=cpy


Sans Politesse

I'm in training to participate in a duathlon in September (a duathlon is a triathlon without the swimming). It's a medium sized race - 6km run and 30 km bike ride. I run about 10k and cycle 40-60k on average as part of the training. Anyway...) and usually take my runs on the street behind my house. It's convenient, has a bike path long enough to satisfy my needs.

Since March, I've been left stunned at the general lack of patience and awareness of drivers (which is pretty standard in Quebec) by drivers at intersections. It's mind-boggling. They'd rather risk hitting you than wait two seconds to let you cross. I know, I've been nearly hit four times by assholes so far and have had to deal with numerous more encounters of cars simply not following the basic law (never mind etiquette) of pedestrians get the right of way. Nah. They just barrel through walk-ways and barely do their stops. The worst driver is the one who sees you coming but is so anxious you can see them trying to decide if they should go or wait. More often than not, they go for it - because they're impatient buffoons with places to go as if they're CEO's. The only position they have is CEO of being selfish pricks - and I have to alter my path usually by going behind them pulled off my path and into the street. If I had burn rays, I'd burn their tires with my burn ray eyes.

Absolutely incredible what I see on the path.

Moreover, if that nightmare is not enough you should see the freak show on the path itself. I don't know, but what's the percentage of people never hearing about "KEEP RIGHT"? Too often, I find myself gesturing (educating) to people to switch lanes. It's inexcusable. If you want to take up running or biking to reduce the fat around your ass, the least you can do is fucking read up on the rules of the road and lessen the fat between your ears. Fucktwads.

Man, the shit I see on the path. Stupid kids sitting on the sidewalk with legs stretched out on the path, thoughtless mothers coming to a full stop on the path to attend to their baby in a carriage when there's a bloody sidewalk right next to them, inconsiderate families taking a leisurely walk hogging the path in both directions without paying any attention to the fact it's a bike path, people stopped on the path to chat (I really loathe these people and secretly hope one day a biker barrels into them), and people walking their dogs barely keeping a tight leash.  One priceless, sparkling snowflake got off her bike and parked it in the middle of the path without a care in the world that I was fast coming on to her. I'm surprised no one has tried to set up a BBQ on the path.

And no, it's not a 'do what you feel like' path. It's a BIKE path. You should treat it as you would cars on a street.

So don't be like the impolite idiots I described here in this post. Be informed and considerate. And for for the love of God, KEEP RIGHT!

Nibali Wins Tour de France

Italy's Vincenzo Nibali won the 2014 edition of the Tour de France. It was quite the tactical and expertly executed performance by Nibali. Absent of a defensive mindset, he was aggressive when he needed to be and refused to give an inch especially in the mountain stages.

With the win, Nibali joins a very select group of cyclists becoming only the sixth rider in history to win each of the Grand Tours. The others are Eddie Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Jacques Anquetil, Felice Girmondi, and Alberto Contador.

Though Nibali pretty much was in control of the tour from the early stages, there were some exciting moments through out the race from Germany's Tony Martin dominating the Time Trial, to Alexander Kristoff of Norway powering his way to two stage wins as well as Lithuania getting its first ever stage win thanks to Ramunas Navardauskas, to New Zealand racer Jack Bauer's heartbreaking collapse seconds from a stage win, all the way to the battle between Jean-Christophe Peraud, Thibault Pinot, Alejandro Valverde and American Tejay van Garderen for a podium finish. All ensured it was an exciting race. Peraud and Pinto claimed the top two spots after each having beaten the Spaniard Valverde in the TT.

The reemergence of French riders was another exciting part of the overall race. Note a Frenchman has not won the Tour since Hinault in 1985 but with this young crop the drought may end soon.

The performances have been encouraging. Along with two stage wins at the TdF, three French riders placed in the top 10. Moreover, Pierre Rolland finished 4th at the grueling Giro d'Italia with France claimed three stage wins there.

Peraud's second place finish is a wonderful story. At 37, the former mountain biker saw this year as his last chance to win a podium while having endured numerous bad fortune including crashing out twice last year and breaking his collar bone. He's a classic case of perseverance paying off.

Last, been reading some comment that the abandonment of Chris Froome and Alberto Contador all but gave the win to Nibali.

Horse shit.

First, that's racing. Part of it is to stay on your bike and that takes skill. Sorta like how Gretzky avoided injury during his career. While he had protection from other players (Semenko), he was also an intelligent hockey player who knew when and how to place himself. Same in cycling and for that, Nibali is incredibly sharp; probably the best.  Second, it's a part of sports as a whole. Teams always lose key players. Depth and execution then takes over. Again, Nibali had that in spades having earned the nickname 'The Break Away Killer' for his ability to break away from the peloton with complete power. Third, he was already leading when they left and musing on about what it would have happened later in the climbing stages is moot. In any event, Nibali finished 2nd overall in the Mountain classification given the impression even Contador would have been severely challenged if not beaten Nibali was that good. Same with the Time Trial where Nibali placed 4th.

His victory was an awesome display of a cyclist combining all the skills that make a great rider from mountain climbing, to attacking, to tactics to time trial sprinting as well as showing abilities in the cobble stage.

Above all, Nibali did not benefit from having a powerhouse team (like Movistar and Sky) to back him up. His Astana team mates did an incredible job of supporting him but when it came to the final crunch kilometers, Nibali was on his own. That alone is a great measure of his talent.  He was a throwback to great riders climbing and racing in solid solitude unlike the carefully manufactured individual champions by teams of today.

To detract from his victory because two riders abandoned is absurd.

Quick word on the only two Canadian riders Svein Tuft and Christian Meier

Though Tuft finished 130th, his performance in the time trials was outstanding as he placed 15th.  Meier ended in 121st spot.


Nibali's win was the first for Italy since 1998 and 10th all-time. Here are the top nations in terms of General Classification wins, Podium finishes, and Stage wins.


France 36
Belgium 18
Spain 12
Italy 10
Luxembourg 5
Netherlands 2
Switzerland 2
UK 2
(Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Australia): 1

*Best finish for a Canadian 4th - Steve Bauer.

PODIUMS (including wins):

FRA 36-31-32 = 129
BEL 18-15-18 = 51
ITA 10-16-14 = 40
ESP 12-5-12 = 29
LUX 5-6-3 = 14
NED 2-10-2 = 14
GER 1-8-1 = 10
SUI 2-4-3 = 9
USA 3-1-3 = 7
AUS 2-2-0 = 4
GBR 2-1-0 = 3
DEN 1-0-1 = 2
IRL 1-0-1 = 2


FRA 681
BEL 445
ITA 284
NED 173
ESP 122
GER 73
LUX 70
UK 59
AUS 34
SUI 34
NOR 18
DEN 17
USA  14 (excludes Arms.)
POR 13
RUS 12
IRE 11

Lotsa EU Civil Servants

"The 170,000 employees is nearly twice as large as the British army and is greater than the number of people working at eight Whitehall departments including the Treasury and the Home Office.

The figure included nearly 45,000 people on 1,000 "expert groups", which advise on legislation, such as the Lifts Directive Working Group, the Mineral Water Expert Group and the Expert Group on Flavourings."

That's a lot of jobs that need justifying. 

Expert Group on Flavorings?

A progressives wet dream.

All for the children I reckon.

New York Times A Laggard

Yawn. The statist loving New York Derps Times is sticking its chest out about demanding the Feds legalize marijuana.

It's a big, bold move indeed for a newspaper so thoroughly invested in progressivism.


They're hardly being the visionary trailblazers. In fact, they only came out because it was safe to do so as it looks like the trend is clearly heading towards legalization.

Sorry, NYT you can act cool to your base but others beat you to it.


They Know

Just like they knew Bengahzi had nothing to do with a video. Or that Americans were not gonna get to 'keep their plans'.

"Like the rest of the world, the U.S. government appeared to have been taken aback last month when Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, fell to an offensive by jihadis of the Islamic State that triggered the collapse of five Iraqi army divisions and carried the extremists to the threshold of Baghdad.

Read more here: http://www.mercedsunstar.com/2014/07/24/3763979/us-and-islamic-state-we-did-see.html#storylink=cpy

"A review of the record shows, however, that the Obama administration wasn’t surprised at all.
In congressional testimony as far back as November, U.S. diplomats and intelligence officials made clear that the United States had been closely tracking the al Qaida spinoff since 2012, when it enlarged its operations from Iraq to civil war-torn Syria, seized an oil-rich province there and signed up thousands of foreign fighters who’d infiltrated Syria through NATO ally Turkey."

Read more here: http://www.mercedsunstar.com/2014/07/24/3763979/us-and-islamic-state-we-did-see.html#storylink=cpy

President Nothing

Mark Steyn comes up with the goods:

"...Just to reiterate what happened here: A barbarian regime seized an American's family and jailed them - and throughout their imprisonment no one in the United States Government did anything and neither the President nor his Secretary of State said a word. The British and Canadians helped, and the Italians sent a government plane and the deputy foreign minister. The Pope had time for the Wani family, but not President Fundraiser. As I wrote two months ago:
On Saturday, President Obama issued a Tweet in observance of International Anti-Homophobia Day:
'"No one should face violence or discrimination—no matter who they are or whom they love." —President Obama'
Fine words, but, as is often the case with this man, utterly empty. An American citizen is about to have his life ruined because of "whom they love". Daniel Wani suffered discrimination from the US Government because he fell in love with Meriam Ibrahim. And, because of that discrimination, he now faces violence from the Sudanese Government, which presently has his entire family - his wife and unborn child, and his two-year-old son - shackled in Khartoum...
Those children are American citizens, and this is not a Sudanese news story but an American one.
But it helps sometimes to stop and listen carefully to all the things a president isn't saying, because they tell you a lot - about your rulers and their priorities, and how it's likely to go should you ever need them to be there for you. And the silence of Barack Obama throughout the long months of one American's ordeal is very eloquent.

I thank the Pope and the Italian Prime Minister and his colleagues, and I wish Daniel Wani and his family a safe journey home to Manchester."

Paronia Strikes Deep

This is such fucking bull shit it makes bull shit smell like lavender by comparison.

Passenger Bettina Bathe told CTV Toronto the incident unfolded not long after takeoff when a flight attendant came by to pass out headsets.

"He basically just tore a strip off her, explaining how expensive the cigarettes are here in Canada, he hates Canada," Bathe said.

"Then he said, with great expression using his hands, 'I just want to bomb Canada.'"
Following procedure, the flight was then diverted back to Toronto's Pearson International Airport, about 45 minutes into the flight, escorted by two U.S. fighter jets.

How's that for security theater?

CNN was all, like, serious and talking in serious tones about this utterly stupid, fucking occurrence. 

Consensual Choice Is Not Illegal Action

The anatomy of progressive action ruining lives.

The Social purity movement in the late 19th century sought to:

"abolish prostitution and other sexual activities that were considered immoral according to Christian morality. Composed primarily of women, the movement was active in English-speaking nations from the late 1860s to about 1910, exerting an important influence on the contemporaneous feminist, eugenics, and birth control movements. The movement helped to shape feminist views on prostitution. '
Basically, they took a profession that filled a demand between consensual adults and made it illegal. Women who owned brothels were landowners with influence as well as protected by local sheriffs. By kicking them out of their jobs, the busy bodies destroyed their lives and banished prostitutes to a life of violence and crime under control of pimps. Moreover, prostitutes not only lost protection of law enforcement but spend part of their lives languishing in a jail cell.

That's what the movement accomplished.

The pattern is obvious. Make illegal something that shouldn't be illegal in the first place and create criminals of free people making free choices. The monopoly of force held by the government leads to senseless incarceration to even death.  Alcohol, smoking, marijuana, or prostitution. People should not be in prison for choosing to use or engage nor should there be taxes in any of them.

And nothing is safe. Sodium, sugar, whatever. Bureaucrats don't need science to outlaw any of these because A) fuck you that's why and B) it's for your own good. So let's be clear: SCIENCE DOES NOT BACK THE GOVERNMENT UP WHEN IT COMES TO CERTAIN FOOD BANS.

Shadow Parents The Future

Okay. So I'm good at this prognosticate game.

For years I demanded (sarcastically) the government just assign each family a bureaucrat to run our affairs. That way the fucking idiots could tell us if we're buying the right food, tidying up the house, and taking care of our kids "right."

Yeah, well. It's not so funny anymore.

"Imagine the very worst home a child could grow up in: No food in the fridge, parents strung out on drugs, the children covered with scabs and beaten regularly. You would want someone to step in and save the kids.

And then there's Scotland.

Scotland wants to treat all families as potentially abusive and appoint a "named person" (that is, a guardian) as soon as the child is born and up through age 18 to oversee the parenting. This "shadow parent" would be empowered by the government under the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act, which will take effect in 2016.

And when some dipshit, clutch pearling left-wing socialist nanny-state, busbody asshole proposes this here I will hold each and every one of you accountable for when (ok, if) it happens. 

When I say 'you' I mean every single one of you thoughtless jerkoffs who always thought it a good idea the government involve itself in our affairs from cigarettes to sugary drinks as if it's actually sound, effective policy.

All you've done is consent to them controlling your life.


/over to New York Times comment community.

Guilt And Shame

A favorite tactic of the President.

They sat we - the West - are nation of laws.

Or are we?
"I don’t care if it’s legal, it’s wrong.

(U.S. companies) are essentially renouncing their American citizenship so that they can ship their profits overseas to avoid paying taxes, even as they benefit from all the advantages of being here in America."
I see. 

Legal smhmegal. Follow MY NARRATIVE!

Male Privilege

There you go.

So we're not being demanding after all when we ask for a blow job.

It's the least she can do, no?

I know. Check you misogyny at the door Mister!

Right after you blow me?

Mary Poppins' Pay Below Poverty Line

From Funny Or Die. Mary Poppins ostensibly arguing for an increase in minimum wage.

Problem is, and she says so in the video but likely isn't aware of it, minimum wage is not the problem.

Government taxes are.

Taxes eat wealth and income.

You can have a $30 minimum wage and the government will increase taxes accordingly to make sure it gets its cut.

It's Okay When We Do It

Know the outrageous lie the IRS is pimping about "lost emails"?


Imagine if this was a corporation saying this to Congress.

The jackals in the media and hyenas in the government would be howling and yelping like a pack of coyotes. 

Yes. Emails were "lost". Give me a fucking break.

Confused Thinking

Maybe I'm stupid, but progressives as pro-choice, right?


So. This girl and her boyfriend - two budding idiotic criminals - decide out of free choice and will, to invade a man's house and give him a beat down. 

So, doesn't the victim pull out a gun. The boyfriend runs out like the coward piece of shit he his leaving his pregnant girlfriend behind. She escapes but the old man follows her and kills her despite her pleas about being pregnant.

So. Obviously, this man will probably be convicted of murder because the law is clear that you can't kill someone - even a low-life criminal - who no longer poses a reasonable threat (though I always was uncomfortable with this. To me, if you break and enter to commit a crime you knowingly and freely do so thus all bets are off. Why, an 'all bets are off' law should be tabled! They beat him, broke his collarbone, robbed him so to me, he had every right to take out the trash). Anyway, he shoots her in cold blood mumbling to the effect 'she's better off dead'. Personally, I think the guy just complicated his life by talking so freely about but I understand him.

It's tragic indeed. But in the end, let's not distract ourselves from the fact that she and her bonehead dickfriend were the authors of their own demise.

He'll likely be charged. However, I don't believe Gus Adams should do one day in jail. 

But distract we will. And the progs are suddenly concerned about the death of an unborn child.

Apparently, in this scenario the loss of an unborn child should be mourned, but when a woman decides to get an abortion to kill a baby, that's okay.

Economic Patriotism Is Irrational Thinking That Can't Be Manufactured

Speaking in Los Angeles Thursday, President Obama touted"economic patriotism," which apparently involves keeping companiesheadquartered here by fiat.

Obama, I get the feeling, just talks prog-shit to rally his left-wing base. No man in that position can be so frivolous. Of course, the high cost of doing business that force corporations out is rooted in, you guessed it, government regulation.

Companies are a-nationalist and a-patriotic as they ought to be. They have to do right by their business. Period. If the same worker can produce widgets at $5 per hour in Central America but costs $25 (before payroll taxes and pension obligations) here. Hello. The second one goes, the others must follow or else they run the risk of going out of business. 

Next on the list.

Personal salary caps. Caps on capital and caps on wealth.

But first. Equal Opportunity and Outcome legislation.

Oh, laugh.

It's coming.


Left-wingers think you can "manufacture" and "dictate" the direction and patterns in an economy from the top. They think this because they believe such nonsensical slogans as "nobody got rich on their own" or "pay your fair share" and my personal favorite derp "taxes are the price for civilization" (have a conversation with people who believe this. The economic and financial illiteracy runs deep)  and so the natural flow of an economy comes from bureaucratic policies.

They're communists.

Doctor Takes Out Gunman...With Gun


Jordanian Host Burns And Spits On Paper Replica Of Israeli Flag

Nice people.

Just the sort you want to build a functioning, civil society around.

You know, the type standing in front of the bagel and bread counter at a Best Western.

GM: Needs More Bail Out

Most sober minds saw this coming a mile (or kilometer) away.

Bad companies with products the market don't want should be allowed to whither. Not be saved. No matter how big. The cost of deferring the bankruptcy of a company will likely cost an economy more down the road. 

Harper Made To Upset Progressives

This made my day:

Gun owners may face less red tape, new responsibilities under proposed law

 Mostly because it'll make the prog-moonbats go bathshit crazy. For example:

"JUST more Prehistoric Harper Thinking
You have to love the ridiculousness of a hunter with a high power rifle and scope determined to kill an animal for some twisted form of pleasure and call it SPORT"

If projection was an Olympic sport progressives would win gold every time. 

Anyway. The CBC threads is filled derp.

Coming Soon To North America

Remember when I predicted that the Super hospital in Montreal was going to be nothing more than a super corrupt, incompetent mess? That wasn't hard to predict at all. One need just look at the pattern of how we do things and voila! You too can wear Madame Claire Voyance's hat!

On our current trajectory, all one has to do is listen to the subtle cues from the likes of Drama Trudeau, Freeland, Paperclip Warren (who makes Obama look like a disciple of Bastiat) and other assortment of pseudo-populists with deep pockets to know they will come to raid the private sector. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that we have low growth, high debt and no money to cover all the free shit we insist on giving people.

First, it will be private sector pensions (RRSPs, 401ks also) that will be raided. Next, well...just read what the Krazy Koreans are up to:

"To solve structural problems the economy is now facing, and to maintain fiscal balance in the long term, it's critical to seek expansionary fiscal and monetary policies, even at the risk of running a short-term fiscal deficit."
Choi says the earnings of local exporters are not flowing into households, which is stifling domestic demand.

To address the issue, the government laid out plans to provide tax incentives to companies that raise wages and increase dividend payments.
"Korean companies' dividend payout ratio is the lowest among OECD nations. That's affecting the local capital market and keeping corporate earnings from flowing into households."

The government, on the other hand, will tax companies that shy away from investment, wage increases or dividend payments in favor of hanging onto excessive cash reserves.
The government also plans to accelerate regulatory reforms, especially those linked to bolstering the nation's real estate market, by giving home buyers easier access to mortgage loans.
The set of measures is based on the new economic team's revised growth outlook for this year.

It cut its growth forecast to 3.7 percent, down zero.4 percentage points from an earlier projection.


Just awful.



Once the government enters the final phase of taking over the economy, it will be curtains for the West as we knew it in terms of an advanced, innovative and efficient economic entity. Human kind's mightiest thus far.

Yes. I'm calling it here now. It will be the fault of progressives.


Socialist Cheats

Already posted about this and still worth repeating.

Good conversation in the threads.

File under 'No shit.'

Bad Real Estate Pictures

Quote Of The Day

"The environmental movement has been hijacked by the radical left. It is now just a vehicle to impose their agenda. Environmentalists are like watermelons, green on the outside and red inside"


In response to a bunch of crazies who want to get rid of capitalism (something called the Margatita Declaration. Sounds like they had one too many) in order to fight global warming.

Why can't we just work three days a week AND get paid eleventy-thousand dollars an hour? Are we so backwards as to not let this happen? I need shit to buy during the week and would love to complete my bird house projects.


"I Think I Just Became Pro-Dictatorship"

Deep down inside, progressives like to be controlled. They love control. They crave it. It's the essence of their whole animist world view. Sure they'll contort themselves into all sorts knots saying they're democratic and pro-liberty, but their actions and thinking say otherwise.

In the end, they submit to a greater authority: Top Men. And they want YOU to submit as well. How dare Hobby Lobby not give free birth control! Release the government hounds!

Remember. Over birth control:

This Twitter comment really says it all.

Let me get this straight. They're irrational love for a politician - in this case Elizabeth Warren leads to demagoguery and thus acceptance of a dictatorship?

Warren? That disingenuous, vapid, far left nut ball? 

They're insane. And they love to be deceived.

Warren is a horrible debater and speaker (like her boss). She also has the charisma of a paper clip.