Zero Tolerance Madness In The United States Is Ruining Lives For Nothing

"Hundreds of people flooded an Escondido Union High School District board meeting Tuesday night, urging the district not to expel two San Pasqual High School students who were suspended in separate incidents after authorities found knives in their trucks parked in the campus lot.
The students — 18-year-old Brandon Cappelletti and 16-year-old Sam Serrato — are acquaintances who ran afoul of school officials on the same day and under similar circumstances.

Cappelletti — who has already enlisted in the Marine Corps, hoping to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps — had been on a family fishing trip to Dixon Lake in early January and had brought along three knives to cut line and filet any fish he might catch. When it was time to head home, he tossed two of the knives into the console of his Ford Ranger and one in the tool box pushed behind his seat.

The knives were forgotten until a few weeks later, on Jan. 27, when security officials with drug-sniffing dogs were scanning the parking lot and the dog alerted on Cappelletti’s truck. He was summoned from class to unlock the vehicle, where officials discovered the knives and a bottle of Advil.

Cappelletti now faces expulsion, as does Serrato, an honor student and football standout, who had also brought Advil to school that day. When the dogs alerted to his GMC Yukon, officials found a pocketknife that his dad had tossed into the glove compartment."

Fucking ADVIL?

I suffer from migraines and always had a bottle with me in school. Is this story trying to tell me if I went to school in the United States my life would be ruined over a bottle of fucken Advil?

Are these people insane?

Is this sickening or what?

How are any of these public servants doing any good in this story?

I hope cooler and more sensible minds prevail in this absurd ordeal and it all works out for these guys.

Then they should sue the ass out of these assholes.

Liberals Play Games Too

As the media wastes its and our time with 'one on one' "interviews" with the Prime Minister we get down to the nitty-gritty of things.

"...Experts say it’s not surprising that the Liberal government will blow through its initial projected deficit of $10 billion this coming year, and even less surprising that it won’t find its way back to balanced books by 2019.

Trudeau recently backed away from campaign vows to balance the public books before the end of his government’s four-year mandate and cap the deficit at $10 billion in the upcoming budget in a sit-down interview with Montreal’s La Presse newspaper.  The pledges had been central to the Liberal election platform..."

He lies, makes outrageous promises and smiles while Canadians shout 'Thank you! May I have another.'

Sometimes I wonder I tell ya.

Canadians will rue the day they voted based on 'getting Harper out' and charisma. Opponents of the Conservatives, among other things, complained of Harper's spending. What the heck do they think they'll get under Trudeau? Worse, Trudeau is doing it with demand for resources weakened, the dollar down off the USD to .71 cents while still talking about implementing climate system change policies.

If that's not a recipe for stagnation or worse, I don't know what is.

That the Liberals are all fluff should come as no surprise to anyone. This is their shtick. Trudeau is focused on the image of Canada. Rather than carefully steer the economy in its current sticky situation he sees some dated vision of us from Pearson's 60s or something. His idea of 'restoring' Canada's 'place' is via broken organizations like the UN Security Council - yes, like in today's context countries actually give a you now what about what Canada will say aloft a dysfunctional and immoral international body. FIFA has more credibility than the UN.

Guessing how they're going to spin things is easy enough.

Blame Harper. Just like Obama still blames Bush.

Easy, sneasy.


Oh about the U.S. debt/deficit.

People still confuse the debt with the deficit.

The popular nonsense among liberal/progressives (which only points to their financial and economic illiteracy) is that the deficit has gone down under Obama.


The total public debt in the United States has officially surpassed its GDP. Public debt stands at $19 trillion while the GDP $18 trillion.

First about growth. In simple, straight-forward math terms:

The economy grew 45% under Bush ($10 150 to $14 750 by the time he left). It has slowed down considerably under Obama to  22% going from $14 750 to the current $18 trillion.

Now the outstanding public debt (which really is just an accumulation of deficits over time).

Under Bush it expanded a whopping 77% from $ 5 674 to $10 025.

Can it get worse?


Public debt under Obama grew by 89% from $10 025 (the time Bush left office) to $19 000.

Let's recap.

Under Bush the economy grew 45% but debt expanded by 77%.

Under Obama the economy grew 22% but debt expanded by 89%.

Any questions?

That's the bottom line, isn't it?

Don't get sucked into Media Matters 'one-shot' balance-sheet gotcha approach.

"Deficit as percentage of the size of the economy (GDP): The historical average annual deficit pre-2008 was about 3% GDP, with 18% GDP average tax revenues and 21% GDP average expenditures. However, in 2009 the deficit rose to 10% GDP due to a combination of economic conditions and policy choices. It then fell as a % GDP for five consecutive years back to 2.8% GDP in 2014. With GDP of $16.8 trillion in 2013, 1% GDP represents approximately $170 billion."

Nice pay close attention to what the above paragraph says.  Basically, the deficit reductions they boast about brings them in line with the historical average. One would think they actually cut the deficit but it still remains in negative territory. So, based on these facts and realities, if it's anyone being disingenuous it's The White House and progressive publications.


Quote Of The Day

“Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge… is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding.”

― Bill Bullard

/Quietly shuts down blog.


The First Installment Of 'Worthy Of The Woodchipper': Are You Worthy?

If I wasn't so strapped for time, lacking of energy and ambition and whatever excuse I care to come up with, I'd make 'Worthy for the Woodchipper' a regular feature. Alas, I don't have that kind of drive and you'll have to settle for intermittent posts on the subject.

That being said, given it's a new feature, I have two stories needing woodchipping today.

The first involves a judge so wicked witches are petitioning she steps down lest she gives them a bad name.

Her name is Amanda Sammons. Erm, Judge Amanda Sammons.

Read about her heroic feats to protect children here, here, here and (sigh) as if all that wasn't enough, here. 

From link 1:

"Two children were taken from their home this week and kept from their parents for four days after a judge ordered so without a hearing or legal cause, according to statements in court Friday.

As their parents wept, 8th Judicial Circuit Judge John McAfee ordered the children, ages 15 and 3, returned home, declared the actions of the judge who ordered them taken "improper" and removed her from the family's case.

McAfee repeated that action Friday two more times, striking down Campbell County General Sessions Judge Amanda Sammons' removal orders in the case of a 19-month-old baby boy who had been in the care of a grandmother described by a guardian as an "excellent caregiver" and of a 14-year-old in the care of a grandmother deemed by state Department of Children's Services attorneys as blameless.

In each case, DCS lawyers told McAfee they did not seek removal of the children nor believe the agency had legal grounds to do so. In the case of the two children taken from their parents on Monday, DCS attorney Apryl Bradshaw said the agency had no pending complaint involving them. The agency instead had been working with the parents on issues involving a third child in the temporary custody of DCS. Sammons held no hearing before ordering them into state custody, said attorney Kristie Anderson.

"The Juvenile Court had no jurisdiction on those … children," DCS regional general counsel Sean Muirgaen told McAfee."


Link 2:

"A request to review the actions of General Sessions Judge Amanda Sammons, who is believed to have destroyed the only physical record of a court order, has been certified in Campbell County Criminal Court.

Assistant Public Defender Bill Jones, who claims that Sammons destroyed the only copy of documentation showing the acceptance of an appeal in a case, filed a petition asking a higher court to take action.

While representing Christopher Watkins, Jones and the state entered an agreement to not pursue prosecution, the writ shows."


Link 3:

"Brandon Byrge lost two job opportunities because a Campbell County judge didn’t sign an order to which the teenager was legally entitled.

It would take five months, legal action and another judge’s intervention for Byrge, 18, to get Campbell County General Sessions Judge Amanda Sammons’ signature on an order wiping his record clean of a misdemeanor vandalism charge that already had been dismissed, court records and statements made Monday in Campbell County Circuit Court showed."

"...Sammons, a former prosecutor who won the judgeship in 2014 with a campaign promise of “a revolution” in Campbell County’s judicial system, at one point simply refused to sign expungement orders, records showed. And there was a growing list of other complaints about her handling of the court, including refusing entry to latecomers and then ordering them arrested for failing to show up, that were spawning a slew of appeals.

There were 10 appeals of Sammons’ rulings in juvenile court matters on McAfee’s docket Monday, and her decisions were overturned in most of them with little or no argument from either side in those cases."

What 'revolution' could possibly be needed and why do people vote for people who promise such nonsense?
And Link #4:

"A Campbell County judge insists she has no choice in forcing poor people to pay a fee for court-appointed counsel even if they never make use of that service.

“That fee I assess cannot be waived,” Campbell County General Sessions Court Judge Amanda Sammons told the News Sentinel. “It’s not a waivable fee.”

The law says otherwise — twice stating the fee can be waived. Nowhere in the law establishing the fee does it require the poor to pay for taxpayer-funded attorneys who never handled their cases."

/turns woodchipper on.

I trust she'll be removed soon enough before she destroys more lives and makes mockery of the justice system.


Heaven forbid you homeschool and run afoul of the indoctrination of the state:

"This past month, two Ohio families from two separate school districts contacted HSLDA after they were served with criminal complaints with similar facts.

And under the charges they face, these families could be fined tens of thousands of dollars and be sent to jail for more than a decade.

Both families were somewhat new to homeschooling in Ohio. One family filed a notice of intent when they began homeschooling last year, but did not know they had to file another notice for this school year. The other family filed their annual notice of intent, but did not submit an educational assessment with their notice because they had not yet completed it, and had been told by their school district that there was no deadline for submitting the assessment.

Even though both families continued to educate their children, their school districts decided to treat the children as “truant.” The schools also waited to contact the families until the children had accumulated more than a month of “absences,” instead of addressing the issue when the school began marking the children “absent.”

As soon as both families realized their errors, they took action to comply with their districts’ demands. After filing the paperwork, both families received a letter from their superintendent verifying that their homeschool program is in compliance with state law for the 2015-2016 school year. Then they brought criminal charges against the parents.

The criminal charge is “contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” a first-degree misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of up to $1,000 in fines and up to six months in the county jail. Each day that a child is “truant” can be considered a separate offense.

There is no question that homeschooling families have to meet certain filing requirements in Ohio, and this statute’s primary purpose is to deal with parents who ignore their responsibilities to direct the upbringing and education of their children. But that is not what is happening here. When schools use this statute to prosecute families for what amounts to a simple clerical error, the response is disproportionate and draconian. HSLDA’s litigation team is hard at work preparing a rigorous legal challenge to these charges, which will be tried later this month. "

First, Ohio is insane. Second, one can only hope the woodchipper is rusty enough for the superintendent who I reckon is the asshole who filed.

You think your kids belong to you? Think again. If you, heaven forbid, misfile something you can find yourself in serious trouble.

The old Roman axiom of 'the more numerous the laws, the more corrupt (and immoral I might add) the society.

Good luck to HSLDA in righting this evil wrong.


Daily Derp: Australia No Longer Has Use For Climate Scientists And Much More Derp!

Is Australia being run by Harper?

"With an ax rather than a scalpel, Australia’s federal science agency last week chopped off its climate research arm in a decision that has stunned scientists and left employees dispirited.

As many as 110 out of 140 positions at the atmosphere and oceans division at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) will be cut, Larry Marshall, the agency’s chief executive, told staff Friday. Another 120 positions will be cut from the land and water program. Across the agency, 350 climate staff will be moved into new roles unrelated to their specialty."

It's salty ham tears and begging for the finger wagging fear-mongering to continue all the way down.

This caught my eye:

"...The nation (Australia) is already the driest on Earth..."

They can't even get that basic fact straight. I count 41 drier countries than Australia; which ranks just above Canada.

Either they're lying or incompetent. I mean, if a moron like me can just look it up what does that say about them and their mission and mandate?

There isn't a muzzle big enough...

Other than that, the Lysenkoism is strong in the climate science ranks and it will one day peter out.


Charles Sebesta disbarred.

"A former prosecutor who used false testimony and withheld evidence to send a now-exonerated man to Texas' death row has lost an appeal to overturn his disbarment.

The Dallas Morning News ( http://bit.ly/1TPB1fq ) reports that the Board of Disciplinary Appeals on Monday upheld the decision of the State Bar of Texas to disbar Charles Sebesta. The board's decision is final.

The bar revoked the Burleson County district attorney's law license in June, finding he had engaged in prosecutorial misconduct in the case of Anthony Graves.

Graves was sentenced to death in 1994 in the slayings of six people in South Texas two years earlier. A federal appeals court reversed his conviction in 2006."

May a special place in hell be waiting for you Sebesta you piece of shit. He should face jail time.

And that goes for those like Sebesta out there who have yet to be caught. Some may even find their way into positions of political power. May they one day find a fate deserving of their evil actions.



"...Following up on campaign promises he made last year to withdraw Canada's jets, Trudeau said on Monday that his country's contribution to the fight against ISIL would be extended until the end of March 2017 - but would be "a non-combat mission".

"It is important to understand that while air strike operations can be very useful to achieve short-term military and territorial gains, they do not on their own achieve long-term stability for local communities," Trudeau told reporters in Ottawa.

"We will be supporting and empowering local forces to take their fight directly to ISIL so that kilometre by kilometre they can reclaim their homes, their land and their future."

Yeh, right.

I'm sure the ter'rists are gonna make a distinction between us bombing or training.

I'd like to knho are they training to reclaim their homes, their land and their future? Would that be the non-existent "not-ISIS rebels" that McCain and Obama were so eager to help? Those same local forces loyal to Assad?

And why would a 'man of the world' progressive like Trudeau be, then, supporting Assad, right?


Could Margin calls sink Elon Musk and Tesla?

Not even $5 billion in subsidies are enough.

Best nickname: Elon Icarus Musk. 


But I thought it was impossible for black to be racist!

"According to the police report, during his discussion with the officer, Young became "belligerent" and ended up saying "I'll slap you in the face with money you f------ Cuban."


The abdication of journalism continues:

"In 2009, Marc Ambinder, formerly a contributing editor of The Atlantic, emailed Clinton spokesperson Philippe Reines for an advance copy of the speech the then-secretary of state planned to make at a Council on Foreign Relations event. Reines emailed back with a few conditions: Ambinder had to describe the speech as “muscular,” and he had to take a dismissive view of the seating positions of some of her rivals. Reines also wrote: “Don’t say you were blackmailed!”

Ambinder emailed back “got it.” He complied fully. Here was the first paragraph of his article about the speech (emphasis Gawker’s):

When you think of President Obama’s foreign policy, think of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. That’s the message behind a muscular speech that Clinton is set to deliver today to the Council on Foreign Relations. The staging gives a clue to its purpose: seated in front of Clinton, subordinate to Clinton, in the first row, will be three potentially rival power centers: envoys Richard Holbrooke and George Mitchell, and National Security Council senior director Dennis Ross."
But remember folks, Faux News is the problem!


Speaking of pedantic shill journalists check the latest from David 'The Token Conservative Gimp' Brooks. Dave is back with 'I miss Barack Obama':

"...No, Obama has not been temperamentally perfect. Too often he’s been disdainful, aloof, resentful and insular. But there is a tone of ugliness creeping across the world, as democracies retreat, as tribalism mounts, as suspiciousness and authoritarianism take center stage.

Obama radiates an ethos of integrity, humanity, good manners and elegance that I’m beginning to miss, and that I suspect we will all miss a bit, regardless of who replaces him...."

The NYT commenters, I see are still unthinking, pompous gasbags.


Speaking of people who think life's a box of chocolates...

Check these tweets out by Matt Yglesias.

Yes. Yes he did. What's amazing is he gets paid for this crap.

The only thing I think befits his skills is him asking if customers would like an apple pie with their McCoffee.


Europe is not well:

"...A week after the EU accepted that some members may never go further in sharing sovereignty, as part of the price for keeping Britain in the club, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg pledged to pursue "ever closer union" at a meeting in Rome, where they founded the bloc in 1957.

"We are concerned about the state of the European project," the foreign ministers of the Six said in a statement after their talks. "Indeed, it appears to be facing very challenging times. It is in these critical times that we, as founding members, feel particularly called upon."

France is over-bureaucratized, Italy's growth is persistently stagnant, while Germany has perplexed with its overly open immigration policies. Merkel has irresponsibly put undue pressure on its law enforcement as a result. Its banks, meanwhile, are increasingly hostile and aggressive and this could cause major trouble in Europe.


Former ISIS sex slaves fight ISIS.


Something creepy is going on with cops:

"Peters Police Chief Harry Fruch certainly isn’t shedding much light on the matter:
“If the photograph was taken by the individual, male or female between the ages of 12 and under 18, she’s as much a guilty party as the person who received it. She is not a victim in this case or he is not a victim,” he said."


"Time for someone to look exactly why police want to make criminals of people at every turn. A peaceful society is not a profitable one. Cui bono?"


And so the apologists go into over drive in protecting the most evil Hillary.

Paul Tassi of Forbes is taken to task by Reason's Matt Welch and its community.

These, remember folks, are our intellectual masters dictating and influencing thought. All we can do on our end is report, discuss, and mock.

No, Paul. She can't be excused you fucken dolt. THINK.

/pushes Paul's forehead with palm.


Just for you Paul.


Enough of this.

Time to have some fun at the expense of humorless college students:

Comment winner:
How did colleges go from being known for tons of debauchery, drunken parties, and immature behavior to these "children of the corn" motherfuckers?

Quote Of The Day

"I have thought a lot about why those of us who believe in liberty, as a solution, have done so poorly in convincing others of its benefits. If liberty is what we claim it is- the principle that protects all personal, social and economic decisions necessary for maximum prosperity and the best chance for peace- it should be an easy sell. Yet, history has shown that the masses have been quite receptive to the promises of authoritarians which are rarely if ever fulfilled."
Ron Paul, final speech in Congress, Nov. 14, 2012.


Non-Sequitur: On Sad People

Imagine what kind of a petty, myopic, trouble-making-seeking mind set you have to be to look at a sign on a playset in a park to complain to Quebec's L'office de Langue Francaise - a blithe on our liberties landscape - because of English words.


No sense of humanism such a person possesses.

Information You Need To Know - Canada Biggest Producer Of Mustard Seed

I consider myself a pretty informed individual; at least above average. In a mediocre way.


Imagine my surprise when I discovered Canada is the biggest producer of mustard seed (with Saskatchewan being the largest) in the world.

This being a guy who loves mustard - and mustard related products - it was quite the revelation.

You usually associate mustard with Germany, the UK, France and the United States. Think Colman's, French's, Boar's Head, Maille, Keen's, Heinz etc. I just bought by pure luck Kozlik's mustard from Canada - which is delicious - yet it's not on the list in the link.

Which only reinforces my point I've been making that Canada is terrible at branding itself.

For the amount of fricken mustard seed we produce you'd think it would be as synonymous as maple syrup.

What Good Are Values If You Selectively Observe Them?

Useful idiots come in different shapes, colors and sizes.

"Conrad, who is not Muslim, had donned the scarf to show support for a Muslim friend at Normandale Community College in Bloomington.

Such acts of “hijab solidarity” are on the rise.

World Hijab Day, a global event inviting people of all faiths to post pictures of themselves in a hijab on social media, is gathering steam. It was at a World Hijab Day event at Normandale — one of several such events held at Minnesota colleges in early February — that Conrad first tried on a hijab."

Yeh, I don't see the point of this.

No wonder our newest immigrants seem to think that they don't need to change. There seems to be a settling thinking where, instead, all the host nation should accommodate them in whatever manner they feel necessary.

When Westerners go to Muslim countries we obey Muslim traditions, correct?

But when Muslims come to Western countries we still obey Muslim traditions.

See Italy bending over for the Iranian leader.

It seems to me that if the president of Iran whines about nude marble statues (I would love to see his sexual habits in private), the proper response, I think, would be to to tell him women representing our government will sport a hijab in the event they go to Iran.

I don't understand how we have to bend both ways. We seem to want to exert secularism over our own citizens but when it comes to the head of a theocracy, we think we're being 'respectful' by not exerting those same values where they're concerned.

It's absurd and is a clear example of useful idiots running the show.

Italy should have said, 'oh, that's too bad. Maybe you should rethink your position and come back another time.'

I understand Italy wants to do business with Iran but at what cost and price?


Star Wars Is Racist

Pretty much the prevailing view among progressives.

Late Sunday; Early Monday Music


Broncos Take Out Panthers

I notice the Super Bowl MVP was Von Miller of the Denver Broncos - although I think you could have given it to the entire Broncos defense and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Quite the impressive performance. Like they harassed Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, the defense stopped Cam Newton cold. Truth is, Manning, like in the Pats game, didn't have to carry the team. Heck, they could have had Tim Tebow in as QB and they probably still would have won.

Anyway. I'm sure Spike Lee approves given Miller is black.

For the heck of it, since everyone is all so jacked on race, I went to look at past MVP winners. Here's a tidbit I'm sure you all we appreciate and make part of your dinner discourse. 20 of 50 Super Bowl MVP awards have gone to blacks. Has you life changed?

White people should just give back those awards because...bah.

Speaking of racial injustice nonsense here's Kmele Foster on Fox setting some perspective on the issue put forth:

Twenty percent of the wins in the ‘Best Actor’ category, for example, have gone to black actors. Blacks are not 20% of the population; they’re around 13% of the population...12.4% of the nominations have gone to black actors...

I don’t doubt the sentiment here. I don’t doubt that people are concerned about this issue. I don’t doubt that you’re sincere in your concern about this issue. What I’m suggesting to you is that when I look at the actual facts here—the data—since 2000 to today, that across various categories, the fact of the matter is that blacks, relative to their percentage of the population, have been over-represented in some sense, not under-represented.

And it’s important to acknowledge that because regardless of who’s doing the nominating, it’s a ‘fair’ outcome.”


Bernie Sanders tweets: "If I'm President no QB will be permitted to win more than one Super Bowl!"

And: "No team needs to have more than one championship!"


It was Denver's third Super Bowl title. They join Pittsburgh, Dallas and New England for most appearances in the finals with eight.


Manning thanked Budweiser at one point. I didn't hear Ari Fleischer being thanked.

Sounds like Fleischer and Manning love the PI goon method.


Overall, the game was about Denver's defense. Little else.


A quibble:

One thing the NHL has on all other sports is the presentation of The Stanley Cup ceremony. There's nothing better in North American pro sports. And one of its strengths is the fact the cup is handed from the commissioner into the hands of the winning team's captain unlike the NFL where the Vince Lombardi trophy is given to the owner, an executive and the coach before the players.

Seems to me, it should be the players.

Canadian Taxpayer Federation Announced Teddy Waste Awards Winner

And the winner is!?

Joe Fontana!

"In June 2014, Mr. Fontana was convicted of breach of trust, fraud and uttering forged documents. In 2005, while still a sitting MP, he altered the contract for his son’s wedding reception at the Marconi Club in London, Ontario, and submitted it to the House of Commons for a $1,700 reimbursement, claiming it was actually for a function with the Minister of Finance."

Fontana gets to keep his 122k a year pension for his misdeeds.

Other nominees included:

"In 2004, Ontario’s Ministry of Energy hatched a plan to help reduce energy consumption: installing 4.8 million smart meters across the province, at a cost of $1 billion. In her 2015 annual report, the province’s Auditor General showed that the program has been an unmitigated disaster: cost overruns of $900 million and counting (nearly doubling the original cost); more than 800,000 meters transmitting no data; and 23 incidents of the meters sparking fires. Not to mention that power use during peak periods didn’t drop at all – it actually went up."

Federal – Public Works and Government Services Canada: $65,000 to repurchase a bulldozer it had confiscated and sold for $5,555 rather than destroying it as originally ordered by a court.

Federal – Canadian Human Rights Commission: For allowing David Langtry, acting commissioner to rack up expenses of over $760,000 while commuting from Winnipeg to Ottawa – for eight years and counting.

This one really pisses me off. The CHRC is not even an elected body. Moreover, it has attacked citizens for exercising their rights to free speech as the case with Mark Steyn has show. He's been targeted for merely calling Mann's climate change shenanigans out.

Provincial – The New Brunswick Liquor Commission: For spending $124,000 to purchase 40,000 1.89-litre growlers, to be sold at $10 apiece, so that customers could buy craft beer from taps installed in three NBLC stores. Unfortunately, NBLC customers brought their own growlers, and only sold 2,718 were sold.

Federal – Canadian Human Rights Commission: For allowing David Langtry, acting commissioner to rack up expenses of over $760,000 while commuting from Winnipeg to Ottawa – for eight years and counting.

Municipal – Former Mayor of Brampton Susan Fennell: A new audit found that ex-Mayor Fennell had racked up $172,608 in inappropriate expenses, on such things as flight passes, an on-call limousine service, and IQ tests. 

I hope for Susan's sake she scored higher than 85. 

Super Bowl 50 And The CRTC

Apparently this is the last year Canadians are prevented by bull shit ad laws from not viewing Super Bowl commercials which are little programs onto themselves. Instead, we have to watch crappy Canadian Bell commercials or some shit.

It's pretty disgusting that the fucken CRTC blocked this for pretty much half of my life.

I hope one day the CRTC gets blacked out itself.


Lowe's Bid For Ro-Na: Fighting The Inevitable For Looks

'We're losing our capacity to make decisions!' says PQ-PKP.

Blah, blah.

Something about yelling at clouds and foregone conclusions.

Legault of the CAQ, for his part, continues to supremely disappoint me as his comments about Lowe's bid left me nodding my head.

Here's a sum up of Lowe's take over of Ro-Na.

C'est la vie where free-enterprise is concerned.

Businesses across national borders buy each other up.

I don't seem to recall nationalists caring too much when Jean-Coutu attempted his incursion into the United States. In fact, it was spun as a model of Quebec success. Blah, blah.

Conversely, the Americans didn't make a stink of it.

Yet, here we are. Making a Federal case with a provincial mind about a natural business activity.

Reminds me how we're allowed to incessantly poke fun of the rest of Canada but the second they return the favor la fin du monde!

In the end, Lowe's will enhance the customer experience. 

Notice how competitive the industry is and that when a giant like Lowe's comes in it shakes things up. It forces other companies to rethink their strategies.

This is healthy as it prevents anyone from being complacent like you see in other industries that are monopolies.

Ro-Na has roots here and it certainly is too bad but they've already been bought out in parts by Marcil. They can't stay afloat anymore and Lowe's entrance into the Quebec market is a good thing.