Nazi Program And Modern Progressive Economic Thinking

Just food for thought.

  1. Unification of Greater Germany (Austria + Germany)
  2. Land + expansion
  3. Anti-Versailles - abrogation of the Treaty.
  4. Land and territory - lebensraum.
  5. Only a "member of the race" can be a citizen.
  6. Anti-semitism - No Jew can be a member of the race.
  7. Anti-foreigner - only citizens can live in Germany.
  8. No immigration - ref. to Jews fleeing pograms.
  9. Everyone must work.
  10. Abolition of unearned income - "no rent-slavery".
  11. Nationalisation of industry
  12. Divison of profits
  13. Extension of old age welfare.
  14. Land reform
  15. Death to all criminals
  16. German law, not Roman law (anti- French Rev.)
  17. Education to teach "the German Way"
  18. Education of gifted children
  19. Protection of mother and child by outlawing child labour.
  20. Encouraging gymnastics and swimming
  21. Formation a national army.
  22. Duty of the state to provide for its volk.
  23. Duty of individuals to the state 
Sounds, erm, progressive.

Serve. The. State.

Like Hilary.

“Don’t Let Anybody Tell You” That “Businesses Create Jobs” 

Of course. Since you didn't build that.

Hilary is not alone in spewing such nonsense. No siree. She's got plenty of company in the Democrat tent including Elizabeth Warren.

As usual, comments in above link interesting. 

Food Nazis On The Rise

Well, I guess I can scratch Minneapolis off my list of cities I'd ever live in.

Jesus, what the heck is this crap?

"...A law on the books, which voters may very well repeal next month, requires restaurants to prove that food sales make up at least 70 percent of their total food and beverage sales. The law also bans restaurants from serving alcohol to customers who are waiting for a table in the restaurant.

Earlier this year, the city council adopted a City Healthy Food Policy that mandates "healthful food in vending machines, in city cafeterias and at meetings with city-funded food."

The vote was by no means unanimous.

"I'm a little bit mortified that we have a whole staff team that spent god-knows-how-many hours talking about whether or not there could be carrots in a vending machine," said councilwoman Lisa Goodman.

These silly laws hardly appear to be outliers in the city. After all, Minneapolis was the first city in the country to adopt a law, the Staple Foods Ordinance, that requires many small stores—including convenience stores and gas stations—to stock fresh produce and other "healthy" foods. The city adopted these rules in 2008. Violators face fines of $200.

"Now," reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, "city officials are looking to double down on their efforts."

Frightening stuff. I'd like to add that people don't go to pharmacies or fricken Dollar Stoes to buy fresh produce. A pharmacy is a pharmacy. It's not their area of expertise and I wouldn't buy from one who is coerced into doing it because they're love is not into it. Why burden businesses with stupidity outside their expertise?

Changing such buying habits isn't easy to alter.

It's retarded policy made by retarded people that's why. People with no business abilities or skills along with ignorant fear-mongering notions of healthy food have the power and we're stuck with these idiots.

Alas, it's not like I haven't warned that the next war would be on healthy food.

We all knew that was coming. Dumbass bureaucrats and interventionists who know jack shit and squat about food were bound to cram it down the throat of others.

We're not that far off from a motion by a politicians demanding private citizens buy and prove they buy healthy foods.

Laugh. Go ahead. It's coming. That along with subsidized healthy foods.


We're just not on a good trajectory on this continent.

Bill C-36 Anti-Prostitution Laws

Every once in a while Canada likes to assault the Charter. And so it is with Bill C-36.

What part of 'voluntary adults entering a contract in mutual consent' don't people get?

What a confused piece of draconian legislation the Conservatives have presented. On social policy, Harper's conservatives worry me a tad.

It's straightforward. If two people want to have sex and exchange money for it how does that ruin your life? It's an act that's going to happen anyway so why in the world do the conservatives want to take the antiquated position of punishing it? It deprives prostitutes sex workers the right to a living.

Still better than the USA but unfortunate nonetheless. The USA has obscene laws on its books that having nothing to do with liberty. Alcohol, sex and drugs first among them. In the USA, somehow it's been deemed okay for law enforcement agencies like the DEA to bang down doors without warrants to catch druggies often killing and imprisoning a bunch of folks - sometimes wrongfully - in the process ruining (sometimes innocent) lives and families in the process. Real 'normal'. 

Go catch REAL bad people guys.


Quote Of The Day

"The Queen is most anxious to enlist everyone in checking this mad, wicked folly of 'Women's Rights'. It is a subject which makes the Queen so furious that she cannot contain herself."

Queen Victoria

Distractions, Distractions, Distractions

One benefit of watching The A-Team growing up in the 80s was the useful tactic of distraction to divide and conquer to overcome your enemy.

Every ploy devised by them was based on a distraction.

Government is awesome at this. By design or otherwise. Take the CDC admitting they were taken 'by surprise' by ebola. Now. You would think one of the most quoted government agencies in the American bureaucratic kingdom would sort of kinda be on the ball for such things. But, alas, as we've seen with FEMA, and now the VA and Secret Service as we've discovered (and some would add the Presidency itself),  hacks and incompetent people who shouldn't be running such agencies consistently and spectacularly fail when a crisis hits them.

Canada hasn't been tested all that much so it would be interesting to see the level of preparedness this country has on a constant basis. I'm guessing marginally better - if at all - than the USA. Just guessing. They didn't look overly organized the other day and it was thanks to one awesome guy - Sgt. at Arms Kevin Vickers - who may as well come out of a comic book there wasn't more bloodshed.

Anyway. It is true we've become so obsessed at micro-managing people's lives we forget the whole purpose of what the mandate of these agencies originally were. Hint: They were not about sugary drinks. Alas, as we've seen, all government bureaucracies expand their duties - called mission drift - usually entering the private realm and attacking private choices. Government agencies NEVER stick to their original mission. EVER. That's why I never believe them when they say 'Oh no, it would never go "there' when we all know 'there' is the end game'.

Someone has to justify their jobs, right?


B-b-but, T.C.! Things change! Change demands more governance!

Laugh. Call me Dale Gribble. I don't care none.

Remember two summers ago it looked like every kid was drowning in backyard swimming pools? People were losing their minds. Talking heads on the radio were talking about permits for swimming pools, stringent measures for fences, one clown even wondered if we should have pools at all (Yes, yes. The 'who needs a big house?!" and 'no one needs that much money!' shrill pseudo-intellectual theory).

This year? Not ONE report.

Rational thought demands patience and thoughtful reflection. Not emotional responses and appeals to authority.

You can't observe an outlier event - e.g. terrorist attack - and go straight to demanding gun control that affects thousands upon thousands of law-abiding people when the statistics simply don't back up such a measure. It's irrational.

Yet guess what the narrative is in the aftermath of Ottawa? More powers to the government and gun policy.


Most Famous Street In Montreal

I was just reading a study commissioned by the city of Montreal which cost $35 000 - $15 000 of it unaccounted for - determining which are the most famous streets in Montreal.

St. Paul? No. St. Catherine? Nope. Park ave.? Na-uh. St. Laurent and St. Denis? Pft. Crescent st.? To tourists sure but no. Peel? Not since the Murray's disappeared big guy. Atwater? Sherbrooke st.? Move along. Lacordaire, Cote-St-Luc, Queen Mary, Pie-IX, Viau, Langelier and Jean-Talon? Ok, now I'm stretching it.

So what street is the most famous in Montreal?

Rue Barre.


My good friend told me this joke but I won't hat hip him because he doesn't read this blog and never has. Grant it, that puts him in the majority of people but I still have to maintain some semblance of dignity.


Moving Picture

The Americans: Always There

I've always shared this perspective about the United States and never could quite understand the vile and parochial streak of anti-Americanism that surfaces from time to time here. It's absurd and ignorant and only points straight to our own insecurities. Taking an anti-American stance doesn't prop up Canadian pride. It represses and demeans it. I can't see how anyone could see it otherwise.

I remember hearing this on Montreal radio back in the 1980s when Gord Sinclair was working at CJAD radio:

Now, in fairness. I'd like to think, of all nations, Canada would step in and offer a hand as we did on 9/11 and even during Katrina.

Nonetheless, Sinclair's point stands. The United States has done much of the heavy lifting in the world.

Harper Speaks In The House Of Commons

He's the leader of Canada.

Any questions?



Genderless gingerbread cookies.



Americans Sing Canadian Anthem

Prior to the game between the Penguins and Flyers the United States took a moment to pay their respects to Ottawa and Canada:

In the end, we're one civilization.

Harper Shows Obama How It's Done

Don't mince words and lead.

These (what we've seen in North America) are acts of terrorism.

RIP Nathan Frank Cirillo

Cirillo is the solider who was standing on guard at the War Memorial of our Unknown Soldier.

A moment of thought to Patrice Vincent the soldier also killed in a separate incident earlier in the week in Quebec.

Inside Parliament, Kevin Vickers is the Sgt. at Arms hero who took down the killer.

Quote Of The Day

"But if you are an employer, you can afford to provide health insurance, you don’t, your employees get sick, they go to the emergency room or they end up on Medicaid because you're not doing what you're doing—you should be doing—why is it everybody else should be bearing those costs?"

President Obama.

Remember. Greatest communicator ever.

Ottawa Attacked

My country has been attacked.

We barely had time to digest what happened in St. Jean sur-Richelieu before this.


As John McClane said, 'welcome to the party pal'.

Sad but true.


The media seems fixated on the word 'long-gun'.

Then I remembered. Of course. They're setting it up to go after Harper's decision for abolishing the long-form gun registry and by extension for being a puppet of the USA by committing troops in the fight against ISIS.

Both idiotic and insane notions but this is what's being said on the CBC threads and won't be long will be the main narrative.

Not that we have native citizens being radicalized and that maybe we should be focusing on Wahhibist Imams indoctrinating people on our soil.

No siree.

Gates' Derp

Bill Gates has a solution for income inequality.

Oh, look. More taxes! But not just any tax but a consumption tax!

"Consider a family that spends $10 million a year and is deciding whether to add a $2 million wing to its mansion. If the top marginal tax rate on consumption were 100 percent, the project would cost $4 million. The additional tax payment would reduce the federal deficit by $2 million. Alternatively, the family could scale back, building only a $1 million addition. Then it would pay $1 million in additional tax and could deposit $2 million in savings. The federal deficit would fall by $1 million, and the additional savings would stimulate investment, promoting growth. Either way, the nation would come out ahead with no real sacrifice required of the wealthy family, because when all build larger houses, the result is merely to redefine what constitutes acceptable housing. With a consumption tax in place, most neighbors would also scale back the new wings on their mansions."

If you believe this, then you can't be helped.

It's become tedious listening to people who made a fortune ponder and muse about social issues outside their areas of expertise.


Let's get one thing clear. Rich folks like Gates have zero intentions of paying more taxes. They'll make damn sure the system makes you pay.

And why a magazine called 'Entrepreneur' is covering 'income inequality' and such tripe is beyond me.

Sanity Restored In Portland

The Portland Mercury 'gets it'. 

Vermont not so much.

Finally, someone gets the 'bigger picture'. By taking this stance, they may have helped save food from the same fate cigarettes face at the hands of ant-scientists and paternalistic policies.

The people calling for GMO labeling are no different than the people who 'fight' climate change.

They're anti-capitalists who want to uproot the system. What they want to replace it with I don't know, though if I had to guess it would be socialism, nor do I care.

GMO is safe.

Move on.

The Little Evil Town Of Alpine, Texas

Alright, this story about an evil DA, the DEA and the Purple Zone (and its owner Ilana Ipsen) out of Texas is disturbing.

I mean, like, the antagonists (law enforcement) would have no trouble finding a spot in Dante's Inferno.

Oh, but T.C. you being an extremist! Dontcha know we must fight drugs - shadow boxes - to keep our streets safe?

Of course you do. But you don't do it by pulling this crap off.

Worse, it brings out the simmering anti-Semitism so many carry:

"I've received anti-Semitic hate emails. I've been told to 'go back to Jew York.' I've had people come in my store and tell me it was 'fucked up" and that I was poisoning the youth of the town—even though I have a big sign that says '18 and Over' and I have an ID scanner. The bars here in Alpine don't have ID scanners, but I do!" 

Think it's restricted to right-wing hicks? Try again. I've heard and read variations of this logic on progressive sites (of course, the left carries a long and distinguished legacy of anti-semitism culminating into, you know, the Holocaust) along the lines of 'she doesn't deserve that but she gets little sympathy from me for supporting Israel".

One can but just wish there was an Anti-idiot Czar.

I can barely digest the stupidity of people anymore.


This is nothing but an exercise in abuse of power (they've raided this establishment four times in five years without ever finding anything as they stretch the law as far as they possibly could. Heck, they probably even broke it as they even entered a neighbor's apartment without the required papers) equipped with its own cast of characters led by a derelict DA in Rod Ponton. There's a story out there he even forced a local paper to write a story in response to a journalist's work the day previous with her name in the byline.

Right. This guy is all for the people. Right.

If America is a civilized society with a conscience, they put an end to the war on drugs. It's creating a cult of over zealous prosecutors and law officials cracking down on people often ruining lives for little if any practical results.

The destruction on countless lives all for nothing.


All this in Texas unfolded under Obama's watch. Just saying.

Hope and change. Change and hope. Forward. Backwards.

Don't matter.

These are just words in wonderful magnificent Obama the Light Bringer's arsenal.

Always remember. What happened to Ms. Ipsen can happen to any of us. The government has way too much power over citizens. Simple as that.

THIS is the relevant question everyone - regardless of what you think of her business - should be asking.


Blog Of The Week

A Look At Americans From The View Of A Government Employee:

"It is a crime for you Americans to save what you earn. You must first and foremost pay us what we have decided you owe us. You must hand this money over before you buy food for your children, even before it arrives in your bank account. Your employer will cooperate with us to make sure you never get a chance to handle the money you owe us.
You people like it this way. You voted away your money when we promised you various benefits in return for your money. You never got these promises in writing, and the conditions were such that you had to keep paying us regardless of when, how, or even if the benefits are ever delivered to you. You signed away your right to withhold your tax payments under the above terms over and over again. You cannot even withhold your own money in protest, yet you keep working for us to get that little bit of your own money that we allow you to keep, that little commission we use to motivate you. Peaceful resistance is not possible for you; that’s the way you wanted it."

* I don't know if the author really works for the public sector.

Racists Under The Bed And In The Closet


We're all racists now.

/Pulls blanket over eyes.

Cops Won't Help If They Feel Threatened

You know it's a sad state of affairs in media when Cracked.com has to get to the facts and truth of a story.

In the media, it will be Heroes! Not so much in real life.

And this is why NEW MEDIA including blogs and the Internet is so severely crucial. They can't control things so easily.

Cops won't do anything:

"This rampage might have continued, were it not for Gelman's last victim, Joe Lozito, who enthusiastically disagreed with being stabbed. He fought back and wound up teaching his attacker a lesson with the educational power of fists. We reached out to Lozito to learn what it's like to be a real hero instead of just playing one on Xbox, like the rest of us..."

Read this rest in link. Really good story and further proof Americans who want to protect their 2nd amendment rights are not extremists. 

What Does An Idiot Look Like?

Like this boob who went to North Korea for 'vacation'?


What's next for Jeffrey Fowle?

Yemen? Somalia?


/slaps him off side of head.

You Have One Option

Tammany Hall for Chicago.

Democrat voter fraud?


Tragedy In St. Jean-sur-Richelieu


Sociopath cop shoots 'threatening' puppy.

Notice how he reacts after killing an animal. If that's not a sociopath I don't know what is.

*Warning disturbing.


U.S. Acting Irresponsibly Towards Citizens

In lieu of ebola, calls for travel bans is not the solution.

But there is one way to contain it: Quarantine. Yet, for some reason the U.S. is not doing this. Weren't all immigrants who came through Ellis Island subjected to this prudent, practical and responsible practice?

So why is the Obama administration not following this sensible approach?

Instead, he nominates a person without medical practice to a redundant, if not unnecessary, Ebola czar post and is preparing to let in 100 000 Haitians into the country through executive order.

President Obama is chaos on so many levels.

Heroes Of The Middle East

The Kurds, largely thanklessly, have been fighting derelict and morally bankrupted, violent religious fanatics for decades. One could be excused if they felt good guys never seemed to want to fight on behalf of what is just and honorable in the region leaving it to others.

Now we're beginning to see people mobilize and fight back ISIS in the form of guerrilla groups like White Shroud who claim they've killed as many as 100 militants (terrorists).

"But they're not the only group fighting Islamic State. According to the watchdog, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, White Shroud is one of several small groups that are killing Islamic State fighters whenever the opportunity arises.

Other groups calling themselves "Phantom Brigade" and "The Brigade of the Angel of Death" exist, said Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Observatory."

Go get 'em.

San Francisco Police Take Safety Seriously


"Bicyclist who didn't outfit baby with helmet says cops choked him and forcibly took the boy away"

So. We'll potentially ruin your family, waste all this time and resources, over a helmet?

My look of disgust.


Cowardly UK

UK comes for guns just because.

Know when they say the information culled by the government would never be shared or be used against citizens and that we should never worry if we have nothing to hide or follow the law?

Yeah well, if you don't think bull shit on that, you're more naive than you think.

The UK will come for law-abiding Brits and their guns.

Terrorists who live among them, not so much.

The NFL with no gambling?

Man, it would lose a good chunk of its revenue base, no? Just like the Premier League in England.

Or maybe not.

Quote Of The Day

"A welfare state strapped for cash will ignore individual liberty".

Guess who?

Moi! T.C..

Turd Sandwiches And Douchebags

I will NOT stop using the word douchebag.

Know why?

Because some people are just that: Douchebags. Some are even fucken douchebags.

I swear.

People really, really need to thicken their skins and/or get over themselves.

Why, if I didn't know any better I swear there's an epidemic of people getting way too sensitive. You can't go a paragraph without someone clutching their fucking pearls.

The Wrong Mindset Drives Policy


And here I am filled with all sorts of old fashioned notions of that part of life is to take care of family members.

What is this nonsense of needing to be compensating -worse demanding society subsidize - for what is the most basic of all actions that maintains our civility? I hadn't realized parents could be seen as economic tools.

If you can't take care of your parents you have bigger problems.

Everyone has a 'my struggle' story these days. Well, mostly on left-wing rags like Salon.

Know what else I think?

People like this - in this domain - tend to defraud the state all the time. Be it through hours they submit or in my industry for home daycare, use it for a chance to 'improve' the house.

Then they have the temerity to complain or strike for more money from taxpayers.

We Told You: Freedom Of Religion Is Just A Title

Still believe the government doesn't own us?

Try this.

It's not like anyone with a 1/3 of a brain couldn't see this coming. When you involve the state, you get coercion. The idea that they now threaten religious organizations with jail time for not wanting to perform duties against their principles is frighening.

What part of 'we own your sorry asses' don't people get? Which is why it always blows my mind watching one set of citizens taking another set of citizens to court to force them to serve them.

For example, a gay couple taking a baker to court because the latter chose to not bake them a cake.

Rather than just go to the next baker they enter the realm of government. And when you do, you unleash all sorts of unintended consequences and sometimes they ironically go against you.

You can't compel someone to do something against their will. Would you like it? These same douchebag slimeballs would pull a scene if they were forced to do something they didn't want to do. 

People are not your personal slaves.

Don't do it.  Simple as that. 


Defending Dictators

I attack - yes attack - the left quite a bit for their legacy of supporting and being sympathetic to dictators and murderous ideologies. The assault on my part, I feel, is justified. History is history and the left can't whitewash this fact. The list of elites, intellectuals, politicians artists and celebrities supporting and gushing over the likes of Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Castro is quite impressive.

That being said, libertarians and conservatives are not without their own skeletons when it comes to acting as apologists for dictators. Nowhere near as offensive as what we see with progressives and liberals but worth noting particularly when it comes to Pinocchet.

And so it was with Hayek. Someone held in high regard in libertarian and classical liberal circles.