Power To The People: NYPD's Epic Social Media Fail

If there's any evidence that the police forces in America have been tone deaf to the anger towards them it's the much maligned, ill-conceived and ill-advised decision to try and make friends with citizens on social media.

Wow, wow, wow, WOW.

Instead of the lovey-dovey pictures with cops, social media was flooded with endless steams of police brutality. And it wasn't just NYPD. LAPD was getting some push back as well.

Love the one where NYPD roughed up an 84 year-old Chinese man who couldn't speak English for...jaywalking.

For me, the murder of Kelly Thomas perpetuated by the Fullerton police force remains one of the most heinous acts I've seen.

I can't even put up a picture of what they did to that guy.

Oh, Just Become Communists Already

Liberals and progressives alike walk that fine line between being derps and communists.

The government owes you a job says The Nation:

"A right to a job may sound outlandish, but it’s common sense. You need dollars to eat, and unless you steal the dollars, you generally have to earn them. If the government wants to protect property with cops, courts, and prisons, issue a single, common currency, and tax and fine us in it, it should at least guarantee we can work for our own dollars. Politicians ramble about equality of opportunity and the dignity of work, but to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, we need boots. And lest our boots stomp each other’s necks in senseless competition for too few jobs, we need a job guarantee."

No. It's not 'common sense.' It's absurd.

Just like this piece of stupidity: "guaranteed employment for low-income individuals would discipline the prices of goods and services they typically buy."

So packed with common sense only a progressive can understand the above line.

In their world, everyone and anything owes you something, somewhere.

I notice the author uses the word 'skyrocket.' What, is there a progressive website that suggests a word of the month? I'm seeing it more and more.

"Whence does [the State] draw those resources that it is urged to dispense by way of benefits to individuals? Is it not from the individuals themselves? How, then, can these resources be increased by passing through the hands of a parasitic and voracious intermediary?"

Obviously Bastiat didn't believe in unicorns.

The author of the article then links to one envious Jesse Myerson - who is getting a tad too much attention for the amount of remarkable ignorance he displays all with a touch of childish smugness.

Behold what passes off as intellectualism on the left:

"The most mainstream way of flipping the script is a simple land-value tax. By targeting wealthy real estate owners and their free rides, we can fight inequality and poverty directly, make disastrous asset price bubbles impossible and curb Wall Street's hideous bloat. There are cooler ideas out there, too: Municipalities themselves can be big-time landowners, and groups can even create large-scale community land trusts so that the land is held in common. In any case, we have to stop letting rich people pretend they privately own what nature provided everyone."

And then. Gulags.

It's almost he's oblivious or worse, doesn't care, that the majority of land owners WORKED towards owning them. They worked and diligently saved money and paid off mortgages. Not only that, maintaining buildings and properties can sometimes be a job onto itself.

Myserson is so magnificently retarded, only a hard core communist with no prospect in life would agree.

And losers.

Nannies Everywhere

Right. The nanny-state isn't out of control. Right. And mainstream medias in North America don't lean liberal. Right.

"The Minneapolis City Council has approved a new ordinance which will require businesses that specialize in loud music, such as event centers and nightclubs, to provide patrons with earplugs to combat hearing loss.
Minneapolis City Councilman Jacob Frey, of the Third Ward, said the legislation would provide the earplugs for free to the businesses with the help of Locally Grown Globally Known and 3M. They would have to provide them starting April 19.

The ordinance will apply to about 185 bars, clubs and performance venues as a condition of their liquor licenses."

Hey. Why stop at that? Contraception and condoms! After all, people meet and later fuck so we must prevent unwanted babies! 

You're so mean and ignorant, T.C. It's for people's own good if they want to be irresponsible and go to a bar we need to protect their hearing and it's locally grown! We must make clubbing as safe as possible!

I may jest but this is the mindset of the paternalist.

Coming soon: Helmets during sex.


Quote Of The Day

Stupid Earth Day Predictions

Yesterday was Earth Day.

Like every other day isn't.

If aliens - or robots - had taken over the planet practically eliminating or marginalizing the wretched human race, then I suppose Earth Day could be appropriate if lobbied by the remaining humanoids.

But until then, it's just another day.

Alas, Earth Day is good for something. Notably to remind us of the hyper-alarmist shrieks of despair from environmentalists about the pending destruction of earth by the hand of Mother Nature.

Check out these gems:

The 13 most ridiculous predictions made on Earth Day.
Predictions not even your mother would love.

My personal favorite from 1970:

  1. “Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.”  — Harvard biologist George Wald

A couple more:

''I think we're in trouble. When you realize how little time we have left - we are now given not 10 years to save the rainforests, but in many cases five years. Madagascar will largely be gone in five years unless something happens. And nothing is happening.'' - ABC - The Miracle Planet April 22, 1990
At present rates of exploitation there may be no rainforest left in 10 years. If measures are not taken immediately, the greenhouse effect may be unstoppable in 12 to 15 years. - 5000 Days to Save the Planet - Edward Goldsmith 1991

And today, we have a couple of shyster alchemists in Gore and Suzuki pulling their hair and eyeballs out screaming how we need to do something - fast! - as they ka-ching all the way to the bank while jet-setting around the globe leaving carbon footprints the size of Godzilla's dick.

When I was in junior high, acid rain was gonna get us all and in high school, we were gonna run out of oxygen because they were burning down the Amazon.

Team Reality and Science on the left, say conservatives are reactionary, fear-mongers. Whatever. They're pretty good at it too. Better even.

What Communism Is

Communism isn't cooperation. It's command coercion. 

If you fall out of line, it's the gulag for you buster.

Cooperation like you see on Sesame Street happens through voluntary action.

Aussie's Get It

"Nothing is free."

And when a guy has a name like Joe Hockey, dammit, he can't be wrong!


A phrase I can't stand hearing is "free education" and "free health."

They're not fricken free.

Fall Of The Republic

It's a fake scandal.

“These awards are designed to recognize and reward IRS employees for a job well done, and that is appropriate, because the IRS should encourage good performance,” said J. Russell George, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. “However, while not prohibited, providing awards to employees who have been disciplined for failing to pay Federal taxes appears to create a conflict with the IRS’s charge of ensuring the integrity of the system of tax administration,” he added.

Campus Bullshit

What does this have to do with creative writing exactly, Mr. Brent Terry?

And what in the fucking world is 'financial equality?'

I'm gonna have to go ahead and hope there were no students nodding in agreement and saw right through this asshole's ignorant attempts at inappropriately indoctrinating his students.

Not very, erm, creative, eh?

When You Got Nothing, You Got Emotion

I came upon a couple of crazy articles I must share with you and only you.

The first concerns math, stats and Stand your Ground at The Society Pages.

Let's play flippy-charty-mathy with sociologists.

I won't try and over think this chart since the comments in the article do a much better job than I could ever muster so I'll just go with the hard data provided.

In the early 1990s there were 873 homicides. Then it dropped until SYG was enacted in 2005 and a spike occurred. However, despite the spike, there's still a longer-term drop - a 17% drop.

You can flip charts all you want to make them look scary but it won't change a damn statistical thing. 

In my view, this article not only itself is deceptive but it takes me for a fool. Nothing 'skyrocketed' accept the level of derp provided. It's almost as if people want to be deceived through emoshunz and vapid language without proper context like 'skyrocketed.' To say nothing of the utterly childish antic of flipping a chart. It's about as useful as trying to play a Beatles tune backwards in search of McCartney's death.

Funny. The case is different in Utah. If the author was so concerned and honest, she'd have pointed to the strange date in Utah. Right. Wrong narrative. Never mind that homicide rates have been on a steady decline in the USA since the 1960s.

They also don't talk about Chicago in relation to gun-control. Since its gun ban, here critics can arguably say murders 'skyrocketed.'

Stand your ground, like global warming, has become an alarmist's play ground.

Also, not sure how they collect data for SYG deaths, which I reckon, are considered 'justifiable homicide' since they are acts of self-defense. So the chart is useless as it doesn't take this into consideration. As useless as using and obsessing over Zimmerman as a leitmotif in attempting to overturn SYG.


Seabrook's Nastiness, Pacers Losing Pace; Moyes Gone

Quick comments on sports.

Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook. Yes, that hit on David Backes of the Blues was that bad. He got three games for the nasty, avoidable hit. The thing is if Backes is out for longer, so should Seabrook in my view. Enough with this crap already. Just as bad in game two was Travis Bickle's knee on knee and Duncan Keith's stick work.

This is why there's hockey in fighting. It releases tension. A 30 second fight saves us from ugly hits to the head.


Indian Pacers. If they tank against the Atlanta Hawks that has to be considered one of the all-time choke jobs because in basketball, top seeds don't lose to low ones. It's not the NHL where upsets in the first round are routine because of the depth.


Manchester United sacked David Moyes after one year. ONE year? Rather unfair if you ask me. Sure it was an abysmal season, both in league and tournament play, for a side like United who expect to win every year, but he hardly got a chance. It's not easy to come in after 15 seasons of Sir Alex Ferguson.

In case no one noticed, there will be no Manchester United and AC Milan in Champions League or Europa next year.


The First Lady's Incoherence

Michelle Obama said "splurging is the key to life" if you regularly eat right and stay active. Her biggest guilty pleasure: French fries.

"How would you appreciate vegetables if you never had chocolate?" she asked. "You couldn't live without a little chocolate, a little French fries."

That makes no sense. 

At all.

She's babbling. 

In any event, she's become rather insufferable about this eat healthy crusade. She reminds me of someone that just discovered something you've known about for a long time but still makes you feel she knew it before you. "I use olive oil, T.C. What do you use, eh?"


'Splurging is the key to life.'

Yes, we know given the lavish vacation itinerary the last five years.



Wouldn't it be ironic if a vegan committed murder?

Quote Of The Day

“If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind?"

Frederic Bastiat.

Freddy knew where it's at. Or was. Whatever. He knows where it's at.

Happy Easter

That is all.